BlackBerry lack of money to find Nokia: you infringe quickly lose my money!

Blackberry sold the global patent held by the brand late last year, and statistics from Gartner show that the BlackBerry mobile operating system still performs poorly, with a market share of 0.0%, which is almost negligible.

Therefore, Blackberry may be trying to withdraw some funds from its patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia to subsidize home.

At present, BlackBerry has sued Nokia for its intentional infringement of its own patents. In a 96-page legal filing, BlackBerry accused Nokia of using 11 patents including LTE, UMTS/UTRAN-compliant products and services without authorization.

What is interesting, however, is that the BlackBerry did not ask the court to rule that Nokia completely stopped the infringement, but instead asked the other party to pay the licensing fees and damages.

It is reported that this patent litigation will be heard in the District Court of Delaware in the United States.

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