Intel Branch again talked about 5G era strategy: no longer go it alone to cooperate

[Summary] Krzyzy said that in the development of 5G technology, Intel has conducted extensive cooperation with government agencies, industry organizations and other manufacturers to help formulate 5G standards. Intel has a complete product line.

Tencent Digital (Wen Xin) According to "Fortune" website report, next week will usher in the mobile and telecom industry's annual grand event - World Mobile Communications Conference, there will be a variety of 5G products debut, Intel will also show Your own latest 5G product. Brian Krzanich, chief executive of Intel, said that Intel showed not only the product, but also the way it develops and tests the product — helping to improve Intel’s prospects.

The lesson Intel had previously lost to the mobile market was arrogance and single-handedly. Smartphone and tablet manufacturers basically ignore the Intel chip and rely on ARM architecture chips. Many chip vendors license ARM designs and improve them. Just as Intel missed the mobile market, with smartphone sales reaching 1.5 billion units a year, sales of core PC chips have begun to decline. Consumers who use smartphones to upgrade their home computers are no longer urgent.

In sharp contrast to the previous, in the 5G field, Intel has been cooperating with government agencies, industry industry organizations, and other leading communications equipment manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei to help develop 5G standards. Intel also cooperated with large mobile operators such as Verizon, AT&T, and China Mobile that plan to deploy 5G networks first to test related technologies.

Koziqiqi said in an exclusive interview with Fortune that “In contrast to the 4G era, we pursued a cooperative strategy in the development of 5G. We took different strategies in the development of 5G and cooperated extensively with industry players to become a telecommunications industry. partner."

According to Fortune, the key question is whether Intel's experience and dominance in manufacturing computer chips will enable it to gain an advantage in the evolving 5G market. One of the problems with Intel's early mobile efforts is that it does not understand the difference between smartphones and computers. For example, because smartphones have a small battery size and require one day without recharging, more attention is paid to energy saving.

Compared with 4G networks, 5G networks not only provide much faster upload and download speeds, but also need to provide higher bandwidth for all new networked devices including self-driving cars and drones. For example, self-driving cars need to collect a large amount of sensor data related to road conditions, traffic, and the surrounding environment, as well as access to high-definition map data and other content.

Keczy explained that Intel’s strategy will be to provide a complete product line covering almost all parts of the 5G network. In his vision, Intel's on-board 5G modem chip will connect to other Intel-based computing chips and sensors, and then send data back to data centers running Intel chips. This is also true for robots, drones, etc. The goal of 5G networks is to be more flexible, relying on reprogrammable software to handle tasks that run on general purpose hardware rather than dedicated hardware designed for specific tasks.

Krzych said that "customers will be able to provide services to their customers through a product. We think this will be the difference between us and most of our competitors." Similar to Apple's control over the iPhone hardware and software, The different parts of the 5G network produced by Intel will interact more efficiently and quickly, and Intel Software will provide users with a smooth experience.

Intel competitor Qualcomm will spend $47 billion (approximately RMB 3,233) to acquire NXP Semiconductors, a significant part of which is due to more involvement in the automotive market. The automotive market is NXP Semiconductors' strength.

Ke again said that for 5G and self-driving cars, the Intel product plan is complete, there is no need to acquire other companies, "our feeling is that we have the right product line."

Keczy said that the breadth of the product line is not as good as Intel’s other rivals may need to complete the product line through acquisitions. “So, I think the wave of mergers and acquisitions in the industry will continue, but this is a view of the chip industry rather than Intel. We are to us The product line is quite satisfactory."

According to Fortune, it is not surprising that Intel is opposed to extending Qualcomm’s patent licensing model in the field of smartphones to 5G.

Apple also purchased 4G modem chips from Qualcomm and Intel. It sued Qualcomm last month for royalties. Qualcomm charges royalties based on the price of the equipment. For example, Apple claims that Qualcomm should not charge higher royalties for iPhones that are sold at higher prices due to greater storage capacity. According to Apple, Qualcomm should charge royalties based on the price of parts that rely on Qualcomm modem chips. However, Qualcomm rebutted that its patented technology increased the value of the entire equipment, far more than 4G modem chips.

Kecchi supports Apple. "Qualcomm should only be paid according to its own intellectual property rights, not all the intellectual property rights in the product. For example, in autopilot cars, the modem chip is only a small part, and it also uses a lot of other intellectual property. ."

Source: Fortune

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