Millet box to clean up the memory of three methods, instant memory 1G

Method one, do not need to install any application to clear the memory Many users use the box for a long time will appear Caton's situation, teach you a trick can not install applications can clean up memory!

1. Long press the remote control home button to view the current running application

2. Click "Empty All" to clear the memory space, instantly and smoothly, with immediate results.

Method two, through the sofa butler to deep clean the memory, usually can clean out about 200M, up to 1 G friends have

Step 1. Install the sofa butler, check the My System application in My Apps, and press the Menu key on the remote control. For example, millet mall, high-definition album and so on. Some applications are automatically received in the system application folder. Open the folder and press the menu. This is the exclusive function of the sofa butler! Give praise for this!

Step 2. Click "Advanced Settings" to enter the application settings page. Click "Clear Data", "Clear Cache" in the setup menu. Can release a lot of space! ! Measured to release one G through this! Is not very powerful.

Method 3: Through the “Memory Cleanup” on the home page of the sofa butler client, you can close the background application process with one click, and keep the millet box running as new. This is also a unique function of the sofa butler.

After cleaning up the memory to make room, Xiao Bian recommends some very good applications for everyone. Watch video on demand and recommend Tencent video. Watch live TV and recommend using a TV cat. For more interesting content, please use Youku Video TV. TV home; Fun smart TV and box, more exciting content in the sofa network.

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