Turning to artificial intelligence, how does mobile medical break?

On February 9, 2017, Baidu announced the organizational restructuring of the medical business through internal mail, confirming the previous network rumors. Adjustments include: Baidu Medical Division intelligent small e team and thumb doctor team, transferred to the AI ​​system; medical department content construction team, transferred to the search company; other business of the medical department will be shut down, relevant personnel will be combined with the company's development needs Provide transfer opportunities internally.

After the adjustment, the former general manager of Baidu Medical Division Li Zheng will transfer to the AI ​​team to use artificial intelligence technology, combined with the business direction of smart small e and thumb doctors, to explore the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

Turning to artificial intelligence, how can mobile medical treatment break?

The adjustment of the medical business indicates that Baidu's development strategy in the medical and health field has undergone major changes, giving up the previous medical 020 direction. In the future, Baidu's medical business will focus on artificial intelligence.

I remember that last Thanksgiving, a doctor from the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Stanford University visited India. The visit was deeply touched by him: a surgery to treat the same kind of heart disease costs $90,000 in the United States (about 620,000). In RMB, but in India, the cost is only 1,800 US dollars (about 12,000 RMB), not only the price is only 2% of the United States, but even the medical efficiency is far more than the United States: here is about 900 cardiac surgery in one month. Surgery, and this is almost a year in an ordinary university hospital in the United States.

How to ensure efficiency while ensuring quality? The American doctor came to his own conclusion: a simple and practical smart medical system is more important than personal experience.

Two months later, Baidu’s withdrawal of the medical business was rumored to be fermented: informed sources said that Baidu has announced the restructuring and optimization of its medical business through internal mail, and the low-end service represented by registration. The department, in turn, focused on the field of medical artificial intelligence that surprised the American doctor. Of course, what he saw was only a very small part of the medical population intelligence.

Registered "peeling onions" era has passed

Two years ago, the newly emerging mobile medical industry was in the most prosperous period of investment and financing: tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, billions of billions, billions of valuations, so that mobile medical companies became Internet The most dazzling star in the field.

In the case of most mobile medical companies at that time, the main business almost all pointed to the same category: the diversion service based on the registered business. Including the registered network (now renamed "micro-medicine group"), the Internet doctor, 160 doctors, and the information system service providers represented by Wanda Information and Weining Software, and even the provincial-level telecom platforms, alone The main body of the hospital is eager to register the business, and the "barbarians" of the Internet are looking forward to pinning this business to open the door to the hospital.

Regardless of profitability, the development of Internet registration is indeed a broken one: six years ago, the registered network team made the first appointment registration platform for Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University. Initially, Huashan Hospital only provided 5% of the source to the registered network. Later, this proportion increased to 50%. After two or three years, all the experts of Huashan Hospital have been opened to the registered network.

Turning to artificial intelligence, how can mobile medical treatment break?

In this context, the BAT giant has also begun to open up the layout of the Internet medical field, and the acquisition of quality standards is the main route. Compared with Tencent and Ali, Baidu's medical business layout includes: In February 2015, Baidu spent 60 million US dollars to obtain a 13% stake in the Internet health company "Health Road" (formerly known as Health Care Network) with the appointment registration as the entry point. In September 2015, Baidu once again led the investment. Softbank China Capital (SBCVC) and HongLight Capital (HighLight Capital) voted for another Internet medical enterprise, which has a investment scale of 40 million US dollars. One of the camp operations is also registered.

But almost after that, the investment and financing of domestic Internet medical companies ushered in the "cold winter": many Internet medical enterprises are affected by the problems of serious homogenization of the platform and unclear profit model, and the development has entered a bottleneck period, even In some of the enterprises that have been rooted in the Internet medical field for more than a decade, there have also been rumors of layoffs.

In August 2016, “Medical Medical 160”, which is known as the “Internet Medical First”, took the lead in launching the first shot of layoffs: the innovation line was revoked, and the company announced that it would optimize the elimination of one-third of its employees – nearly 300. Subsequently, in the Internet medical field, the “seeking medical advice network”, which has been developed for five years, was also reported to be laid off, with a proportion of more than 50%.

“There are three important points for investing in the emerging mobile sector: first, what problems do the project products solve? Second, what projects make money, that is, business model issues; third, the mobility of mobile medical platforms can grow. In fact, From these three points, we can see the gap between domestic mobile medical care and foreign countries. In particular, the domestic platform still stays blindly pulling traffic and looks like it is very popular. In fact, it is impossible to apply traffic, and how to make money.” Gao Tejia Zeng Xiaojun, chief strategy officer of the investment group, said in an interview with the first financial reporter.

It is not just "Baidu" that eliminates registration. In addition to Baidu, including the micro-medicine group and the good doctor who have been registered, they have already realized the transformation in the past year, landing the Internet hospital, and developing the earlier micro-medicine group to even borrow the business. This business has achieved a profit of 800 million in annual revenue.

Unlike Baidu's approach, Tencent's Internet + medical ecosystem is to work with partners to improve patient experience, improve medical efficiency, and help graded care.

For example, in addition to the introduction of autonomous sugar doctor blood glucose meter and Dr. Teng Ai, to achieve diabetes chronic disease management and doctor-patient communication, in June last year, Tencent and the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission reached a comprehensive "Internet + medical" strategic cooperation. And the construction of "Internet + Wisdom Hospital" with the China Women's and Children's Hospital Sichuan University Huaxi Second Hospital. Tencent's "Internet + Medical" service platform, such as online registration platform and medical insurance payment, has also been put into service this year. Together with the cooperation layout of Zhuojian, Micromedicine, Medical Union, Lilac Garden, Zhongan Insurance, Jingdong Medicine and other partners, Tencent's construction map on “Internet + Medical” has gradually taken shape.

In the past, the era of “peeling onions” was registered. The era of online consultation “edge revolution” has come again: incomplete statistics, as of November last year, the number of Internet hospitals nationwide has exceeded 40, of which more than 30 Internet hospitals are It was born last year.

What kind of artificial intelligence does medical care need?

In response to Baidu’s withdrawal of the medical division, the most cited quote was Li Yanhong’s speech in this year’s New Year’s speech: to eliminate uncompetitive products. If you can't do it, don't mix it up, don't stay there. The withdrawal will be withdrawn, the customs will be closed, and the merger will be closed. ”

For Baidu, adjusting the medical business unit does not mean that Li Yanhong is no longer optimistic or abandoning the medical business, but to re-adjust the direction of the force.

The adjustment instructions I received said that from now on, Baidu Medical Division's smart small e team and thumb doctor team will be transferred to the AI ​​system; the medical department content construction team will be transferred to the search company. Other businesses in the Medical Division will be shut down. After the adjustment, the former general manager of Baidu Medical Division Li Zheng will transfer to the AI ​​team to make full use of artificial intelligence technology, combined with the business direction of smart small e and thumb doctors, to accelerate the exploration of the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

"The logic of thinking and the way of thinking in the era of artificial intelligence should become what it is. It is not very clear now. This is the same for any company. Baidu should think and try in this direction as early as possible." In the internal speech, Li Yanhong said that after the events of Wei Zexi and hemophilia, the combination of Baidu+Medical has become extremely sensitive, and for the definition of Baidu’s medical career, the Chinese Internet Leading figures in the era are also particularly cautious.

“The first phase of registration and other service technologies are not high, and the advent of the artificial intelligence era will redefine the medical industry. For example, in the future, intelligent medical systems can be used to help doctors diagnose and collect data through artificial intelligence for gene sequencing and use. Artificial intelligence methods for new drug development and testing, etc. The most important force that can change medical care is artificial intelligence." Li Yanhong said.

Baidu wants to use the "artificial intelligence" corner to overtake the ideal, but in the current China, what kind of artificial intelligence is the most suitable for the market? The American doctor’s observations in India at the beginning of the article may have inspired the industry.

He wrote in the article: The doctor here will use a fairly complex self-developed electronic health record and will eventually be stored on the iPad. Unlike the EHR system commonly used in the United States, this app is very straightforward and the medical staff are in use before use. Almost no special teaching. ......

The bedside monitoring device is connected to a central system through which the person in charge of surgery knows how much time the doctor spends each day to intervene in possible medical problems. In the United States, this number is often more than an hour, but in India, they only need 8 minutes - this device is not only cheaper than the United States, but also much better than the United States.

How to use limited medical resources and doctor resources to help the vast majority of Chinese patients? Beyond the high-cold “black technology”, a simple and efficient artificial intelligence system may be more urgent. After all, the number of people in the world accounts for one-fifth of the world.

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