Wansheng coal mining subsidence area youth area infrastructure construction project (road infrastructure) design

The project of the Wansheng Coal Subsidence Area Youth Zone Infrastructure Construction Project of this tender has been approved by Wanshengfa to be transferred to [2015] No. 198. The project owner started the work of Chongqing Wansheng Coal Mining Subsidence Comprehensive Management Co., Ltd. The source of construction funds is self-raised by the owner, and the project already has the conditions for tendering. The project is now undergoing open bidding.

2. Project overview and scope of tender
2.1 Project Name: Wansheng Mining Subsidence Area Youth Area Infrastructure Construction Project (Road Infrastructure) Design
2.2 Construction Site: Youth Town, Nantong Town, Wansheng Economic Development Zone, Chongqing
2.3 Construction Scale: (1) 3.2km from main entrance to secondary road of New-Yonghe Expressway Youth Entrance to Houheba New District, including a 30-meter-wide urban trunk road (two-way six-lane road) 2km and a 16-meter-wide urban bypass road 1.2 km; (2) Change (expansion) 9 km of road construction, including the newly built Wansheng City to the young town of Liao Lake to connect the road 2 km, transform the youth town round the highway 2 km, transform the young town Tianba Street - more ancient seedlings The Bay Road is 3 kilometers, transforming the young entrance of the Yongpang Line, which is 2 kilometers from the ancient Miaowan Highway.
2.4 Plan duration: The total duration is 30 days.
2.5 The scope of the tender: including program design, preliminary design (including budget estimates), construction drawing design and follow-up service work.
3. Bidder qualification requirements
3.1 Qualification requirements Bidder must have the following two;
(1) Having Class A or engineering design comprehensive Class A qualifications of the municipal engineering design industry issued by the construction administrative department;
(2) Qualified Grade A and above qualifications for road industry (road) issued by the competent administrative department of construction
3.2 performance requirements:
From 2012 to now, he has undertaken a similar municipal road project design and a similar highway project design performance project.
3.3 The Commonwealth does not accept bids from the Commonwealth.
5. Submission of bid documents
5.1 Deadline for submission of tender documents (Bid deadline, the same below) at 1100 on March 8, 2017

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