# # The first drying of the site really fallen? Also not bad, Samsung Galaxy On7 2016 phone out of the box

[Buying reason]

Regarding the Samsung brand, there is no need to explain it. Regarding the explosion of the battery, I think that the problem of brake failure caused by Toyota in order to occupy the city was basically the same, and now Toyota and Samsung are still strong. Afterwards, we can see if we can learn a lesson and dare not dare to go on like this.

The first sun may also be the reason why the value of friends to buy less and less attention, but from the Internet, there should be a lot of people in use. 1499 bought a gold version, not what I want to buy, just to help others buy, I'm not a star powder. I think it is Samsung's high cost performance, not bad (compared with Huawei), but also much cheaper than their own C5 2016.

Samsung 2016 Galaxy On7 (G6100) 3GB+32G Quicksand Full Netcom 4G Phone Dual SIM Dual standby 1499 yuan Samsung Mobile Galaxy On7 2016 version of the smart phone, the fuselage uses aviation 6 series aluminum, back, frame one stamping molding. The metal backplate is anodized with improved hardness and wear resistance. Screen size is 5.5 inches, using Corning Gorilla 2.5D glass panel. 8 million pixel front camera, 13 million pixel rear camera, f/1.9 large aperture, double-click the screen key to quickly start the Jingdong direct link [June Smashing Screensaver] Glory Play 6X 4GB 32GB Full Netcom 4G Mobile Phone Platinum Edition 1399 Yuan Glory Play 6X Using a 5.5-inch 2.5D full HD screen with an 8-megapixel camera on the front Supports soft light beauty beat, the bottom of the screen is the logo of honor, the whole back with curved metal, vertical rear side of the back of the fuselage juxtapose two raised 12 million +200 megapixel camera, the main camera for the collocation, the largest single pixel area For 1.25μm, support for F0.95-F16 digital light Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia Samsung Galaxy C5 (SM-C5000) 4GB + 32GB version of rose powder mobile Unicom Telecom 4G mobile phone dual card dual standby 1999 yuan Jingdong direct link

â–¼ Compare it and you will know that the price and configuration of the two are close to each other. The slightest trend of on7 2016 is 3G memory, and the slightest potential of 6X is CPU.

Samsung's positive HOME key integrated fingerprint identification, volume keys and power button are separated, so that the production cost will be higher, more humane (and then will find that OPPO is designed like this .......... ...well, Huawei really wants to improve the design.) There is a good place, but the next step is to find where Samsung is going.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------

[out of box details]

The box is very good, there is no capsule, it is easy to dirty.

â–¼ A plastic film has been attached to the screen of the mobile phone.

â–¼ Samsung mobile phones are standard headphones, chat, send messages when WeChat is still good.

â–¼ When you see the back, this design ..........? With domestic low-end mobile phones is no different, the designer fell?

â–¼2.5D curved screen with back curve, the overall feeling is rounded.

â–¼The top has only one sticker for Qualcomm

â–¼ two independent slots, is to insert two NanoSIM cards, but also insert a MicroSD card, more understanding of consumers. Adding and subtracting two volume keys are independent, not linked together, reducing the number of errors.

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[use details]

â–¼ boot interface is still Samsung style, and live in different, the screen color is subdued, and can not be adjusted.

â–¼Samsung even used LED information lights on the low-end machine, there is progress

â–¼ It is red when charging, and it is full of green. Although the charging speed is not fast, but it is more power-efficient, thanks to the 14nm CPU.

â–¼ Fingerprint recognition is still very fast, high accuracy, but the point of strength, the position is also a bit small. Without NFC, Samsung pay only supports QR codes.

â–¼Samsung's most famous S assistant and S Health, providing express delivery, car calls, takeaways, reminders, detailed step counting, exercise plans, sleep time and other information, some domestic mobile phone imitate S assistant. WeChat cannot read the pedometer information of the mobile phone and cannot be ranked on WeChat.

▼Samsung’s system has been specifically optimized for domestic users, and there is nothing wrong with grabbing red envelopes.

â–¼And Huawei's mobile phone can still use WIFI to send files directly, and it is more convenient than NFC when transmitting a large number of photos.

â–¼ There is no GIF mode, manual mode is only adjustable ISO

â–¼ Take some photos casually, feeling good color.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

【to sum up】


Price and domestic close

2.5D screen feels good

Three card slot

Long standby time


The back is too ugly, there is no Samsung feeling


Still MicroUSB interface

No GIF shooting

Overall good, when the distribution is also suitable. But I don’t think about buying Samsung for the time being. Let’s look at what’s new this year....

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