Molex technology revolutionizes the hearing aid market to provide balanced armature audio receivers

Receiver provides audio OEMs with maximum space savings and excellent acoustic performance

(Singapore – October 30, 2013) Molex , the world's leading electronic component company, launched a balanced armature audio receiver product, which is suitable for the rapidly growing hearing aid market. The volume of this receiver is 80mm3, which provides up to 20% space saving compared to similar competitive products; and compared to dynamic receivers, it saves up to 75% space. In addition, compared with dynamic type receivers, this technology also greatly improves the output power of audio per unit volume and has a cleaner mid-range sound.

Anthony Kalaijakis, Molex Strategic Medical Marketing Manager, said: “Many people who need hearing aids do n’t want to wear them because they feel that hearing aids are large and uncomfortable to wear. By combining precision manufacturing capabilities and audio business know-how, we provide audio OEMs The ability to design products cost-effectively is only half the size of traditional hearing aid products, and has excellent audio output power and quality. "

Molex's balanced armature receivers are customizable, allowing OEMs to adjust impedance or other specifications to meet specific requirements. In addition to hearing aid applications, balanced armature products can be used in cardiac rhythm disease management devices, which can more effectively convert energy into sound, helping to save battery energy or extend battery life. In addition, this technology is also suitable for the high-quality in-ear earphone market, where manufacturers are seeking to design higher performance, smaller size, and more attractive earphone products.

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