Intel confirms that it is developing smart watches or partnering with Apple

According to foreign media VentureBeat reports, Intel Chief Technology Officer (CTO) JusTIn Rattner said this week that Intel is indeed developing a smart watch, but whether this product is an iWatch developed in cooperation with Apple is still unknown.

Rattner said that this smart watch is still only "one of the many experimental products in the laboratory", and VentureBeat believes that the smart watch is an exploration of innovative display devices by Intel as a chip company.

At the Next Big Thing conference held by Bloomberg, Rattner said: "Intel is indeed focusing on innovative display devices. This smart watch can not only tell people the time, but also can be used as a communication tool to complete tasks such as texting. Is n’t it great? ”Of course, Rattner did not disclose more details about this smart watch, but in addition to smart watches, Intel has plans to develop other innovative display devices.

Of course, Intel is not the only manufacturer developing smart watches. In addition to Pebble, Sony and Nutshell, which have already released smart watch manufacturers, it has been reported that Samsung and Google also have their own smart watch development plans. There have even been reports recently that Microsoft has similar plans and is developing smart watches in its R & D laboratory.

Although when talking about smart watches, Rattner did not specifically mention Apple, but it does not rule out the possibility of cooperation between Intel and Apple. As early as last year, it was reported that Apple and Intel will jointly develop a smart watch equipped with a 1.5-inch PMOLED screen, and the watch can be paired with the iPhone through Bluetooth low energy 4.0.

As one of the future development directions of the consumer electronics industry, wearable electronic devices are gradually gaining attention. Although many manufacturers have launched smart watches, there is no product that can be regarded as a large-scale success in the market. If it is really possible to launch a smart watch as one would expect, can Apple repeat the success of the iPhone and change the world again?

Intel confirms that it is developing smart watches or working with Apple

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