Edwards delivers important orders to Chinese flat panel display manufacturers

By demonstrating low operating costs and the competitive advantage of strong local institutions, Edwards won a series of millions of dollars in orders in 2013

Crawley, West Saxe, United Kingdom (November 11, 2013)-Edwards, the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision vacuum equipment and exhaust gas treatment systems, and corresponding value-added service provider (NASDAQ: EVAC ) Has delivered a series of multi-million dollar orders. These orders came from BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., a major manufacturer of flat panel displays (FPD) in China.

These orders were won by bidding earlier this year and included hundreds of vacuum pumps delivered to three manufacturing plants. Edwards has won orders for its high performance and low maintenance characteristics of vacuum pumps to achieve low operating costs over the life of the product, especially in demanding mission applications. Edwards has a strong operating organization in the Asian region, with multiple local manufacturing and service facilities in this region, including a new factory being built in Qingdao, which is also an important consideration for BOE Group.

Xu Jian, General Manager of Edwards China, said: "These orders are very important to us, not only because of their high monetary value, but also confirm our strategic expansion of manufacturing and service capabilities in Asia and recently in China. It has the highest growth rate. In addition, these orders also confirm the value of our long-term investment in the development of a wide range of advanced pump technology. In a wider range of applications, we have unique in-depth expertise, which is in our field of flat panel display It is reflected in its position as a market leader. "

These orders include a series of Edwards' most advanced pumps of different types and sizes, including: iXH dry pumps for demanding mission applications, iXL dry pumps for cleaning processes, and STP turbo molecular pumps.

· IXH mission-critical dry pumps are reliable pumps designed for difficult processes, especially where particulates, condensation or corrosive by-products are present. These pumps are optimized for flat panel display processes that require large airflow and flexible pump temperature curves. Because they extend service time, they can provide significant operating cost advantages.

· The iXL light duty dry pump is a compact, energy-saving pump designed for cleaning applications. It provides rapid evacuation of the load lock chamber, low energy consumption, and a small footprint.

· The STP magnetic levitation turbomolecular pump provides long operating time through oil-free suction. The magnetic bearing system suspends the rotor during operation, eliminating any risk of pollution, while minimizing vibration, noise and maintenance requirements.

About Edwards

Edwards is the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision vacuum equipment and exhaust gas treatment systems and corresponding value-added service providers in the fields of semiconductor, flat panel display, LED and solar cell manufacturing. And a leader in vacuum technology in a wide range of R & D applications.

Edwards has more than 3,200 full-time employees and more than 500 temporary employees worldwide. They are engaged in the design, manufacture and support of high-tech vacuum and exhaust gas treatment equipment in about 30 countries and regions around the world.

Edwards ’American Depositary Shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the trading symbol EVAC. To learn more about Edwards, please visit the company's website.

About BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a provider of display technology, products and solutions (BOE A shares: 000725; BOE B shares: 200725). For more information, please visit the company website http: //EN/index.asp.

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