How much do you know about intelligent medical treatment?

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, smart medical services have begun to explode, and market demand has become more and more vigorous. How does intelligent medical treatment based on Internet of Things technology make it easy to see lesions? Where are the domestic developments of the seven major levels of smart medical development? Where will smart healthcare go in the future? This article answers you ...

How does intelligent medical treatment based on Internet of Things technology make it easy to see lesions?

The Internet of Things technology will be widely used in surgical equipment, intensive care units, hospital convalescence and home care. Smart medical combined with wireless network technology, barcode RFID, Internet of Things technology, mobile computing technology, data fusion technology, etc. will further enhance medical treatment The service efficiency and service quality of the diagnosis and treatment process, improve the comprehensive management level of the hospital, realize the wireless monitoring work, comprehensively change and solve the problems and difficulties of the modern digital medical model, intelligent medical and health management, hospital information system, etc. Medical resources are highly shared, reducing public medical costs.

How does intelligent medical treatment based on Internet of Things technology make it easy to see lesions?

Through electronic medical and RFID Internet of Things technology, a large amount of medical monitoring work can be wireless, while telemedicine and self-help medical, timely collection and high sharing of information can alleviate the dilemma of resource shortage and uneven distribution of resources, and reduce public medical cost.

Relying on the Internet of Things technology to realize the management of hospital assets, blood, medical waste, hospital disinfection items, etc., in the production of drugs, through the Internet of things technology to implement the production process, the market flow and the full range of patient drug testing.

Rely on the Internet of Things technology communication and application platform, including real-time payment and online diagnosis, online pathological slice analysis, equipment interoperability, etc .; implement family safety monitoring, real-time access to a variety of patient information.

The collection of medical data at the disaster site is carried out through the Internet of Things technology, including various interconnected medical equipment, especially the disasters caused by secondary disasters, and the uniform resource scheduling on the site is realized through the Internet of Things.

Intelligent medical treatment based on the Internet of Things technology makes it easy to see a doctor. To give a simple example: patients can go to the hospital and simply swipe their ID card on the kiosk to complete registration; go to any hospital to see a doctor, and the doctor enters the patient ’s ID card Number, you can immediately see all the previous health information and inspection data; with a sensor on your body, the doctor can always grasp the patient's vital signs such as heartbeat, pulse, body temperature, etc. Once an abnormality occurs, the intelligent medical system connected to it will be Early warning, remind patients to seek medical treatment in time, and also send information such as treatment methods to help patients fight for golden time for treatment.

Where are the domestic developments of the seven major levels of smart medical development?

The development of intelligent medical treatment is divided into seven levels: one is the business management system, including the hospital charge and drug management system; the second is the electronic medical record system, including patient information, imaging information; the third is the clinical application system, including the computer doctor ’s medical order entry system ( CPOE), etc .; Fourth, chronic disease management system; Fifth, regional medical information exchange system; Six, clinical support decision-making system; Seven, public health system. Generally speaking, China is in the stage of development from the first and second stages to the third stage, and there is no real CPOE established. The main reason is the lack of valid data, the data standards are not uniform, and the lack of clinical background of suppliers. There is also a lack of standard guidance in terms of standards shifting to practical applications. If China wants to enter the fifth stage from the second stage, it involves the formation of many industry standards and data exchange standards, which is also an area that needs to be improved in the future.

Where are the domestic developments of the seven major levels of smart medical development?

In terms of remote intelligent medical treatment, domestic development is relatively fast, and more advanced hospitals have actually come to the front in terms of mobile informatization applications. For example, it can realize the real-time recording, transmission and processing of medical record information, patient information, medical condition information, etc., so that the relevant information can be shared in real time and effectively within and between hospitals. Consultation and hospital referrals can play a very good supporting role, which mainly stems from the promotion of the policy level and the support of the technical layer. But what is lacking at present is the long-term operation mode, the lack of large-scale and clustered industrial development, and the high cost, security, and privacy issues. This is also stimulating the future of intelligent medical treatment.

Where will smart healthcare go in the future?

The Internet of Things technology is used in the medical field, and through digitalization and visualization, limited medical resources can be shared by more people. Judging from the current development of medical informatization, as the development trend of medical community and health care becomes more and more obvious, real-time tracking and monitoring of sign information in the family through radio frequency instruments and other related terminal equipment, through effective Internet of Things, It can realize real-time diagnosis and health reminding of patients or sub-health patients in hospitals, thereby effectively reducing and controlling the occurrence and development of patients. In addition, the Internet of Things technology will also play a huge role in the application process of drug management and medication.

Where will smart healthcare go in the future?

With the development of the mobile Internet, future medical development will be personalized and mobile. By 2015, more than 50% of mobile phone users will use mobile medical applications, such as smart capsules, smart wristbands, and smart health detection products will be widely used. Smart handheld terminals and sensors effectively measure and transmit health data.

In the next few years, the scale of China's smart medical market will exceed 10 billion yuan, and it will involve a wide range of peripheral industries and a wide variety of equipment and products. The real start-up of this market will not only affect the medical service industry itself, but will also directly touch the chains of interest including network providers, system integrators, wireless equipment suppliers, and telecom operators, thus affecting the current status of the communications industry. There is a layout.

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