New design software APEX 2011 V1R1 released

APEX software integrates the optical design and analysis capabilities in the Solidworks environment, which is the perfect integration of the CAD and optical environments, avoiding translation and conversion between the two types of software (CAD modeling software and optical software). APEX can be applied to the design and analysis of optical projects in automotive lighting, display systems, biomedicine, semiconductors, aerospace, communications, and other industries. Engineers with mechanical backgrounds are also handy to use.

New features released by APEX 2011 include:

(1) Powerful optimization function;

(2) Use the angle and position information input by the user to apodise the light source;

(3) Introduce the Adjacent Media command to process objects with a common interface (different refractive indices on both sides of the interface);

(4) Support the creation of linear light sources;

(5) Visualize the surface in StaTIsTIcs;

(6) Enhanced visualization of 3D spot data;

(7) Repair and enhancement of other aspects of the software.

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Actuators For Medical Bed

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