Why DCS requires signal isolators

With the improvement of the level of production automation, the system environmental problems are gradually increasing. Especially for some large companies, it is necessary to fully consider the safety and reliability, and it is necessary to strictly follow the regulations to ensure the normal operation of the production. If the signal isolator is saved, if the system has a problem, the signal isolator signal distributor, the high-precision signal isolator and the signal distributor, the low price, the production process is forced to be interrupted or a production accident occurs, resulting in economic losses and No one can afford the responsibility of the accident. Therefore, in normal production, dcs equipped with signal isolators is necessary. Then the next small series will tell you about the benefits of DCS equipped with signal isolators.

If the analog input board of the DCS is an isolation board, the isolation performance of the general isolation board is not as good as that of the signal isolator. (The isolation strength of the signal isolator can reach 2500V or more, and the isolation board is still at 1000V and 1500V. At this level), if it is a isolation board (or isolation device), then think about it, once a board fails, how to maintain it?

I am afraid that the entire board will be removed, which will inevitably affect other channels. The signal isolator does not need, one channel and one isolator. Once the fault occurs, one channel can be directly replaced. Moreover, one input, one output, one input, two output, two input and two output signal isolators are also provided on the signal isolator. With over-current, over-voltage, surge and reverse-connection protection for signals, these DCS analog boards are not available or not fully equipped. Many automatic control systems, when designing and installing, in order to save costs, no isolator is used. At the time of final debugging, the interference of the measurement channel is difficult to remove. Finally, the signal isolators must be used. Some engineers countered that my system There is no signal isolator used, and it works as usual. Indeed, there are signal isolators used in the signal path. In some cases, the signal isolators do not affect the operation of the automatic control system (specifically, the negative effects on the automatic control system due to the absence of the isolator are not clearly manifested). This is the general case, but when strong interference, lightning strikes, short circuits, etc. occur, you know the great role of the signal isolator.

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