Philips crystal LED table lamp can effectively eliminate glare

The Philips Crystal LED table lamp is a sweet and efficient lighting product for the desktop environment. This table lamp adopts the sleek and simple main body design. The lamp body adopts the arc-shaped design style. The blue and white color scheme has a very good decorative effect. The lamp pole of the desk lamp adopts a curved design, which is convenient for the user to adjust the illumination angle and direction. High-efficiency LEDs provide energy-efficient illumination as a light source, and a diffuser can effectively eliminate glare.

The Philips Jingle LED table lamp adopts a simple and fashionable design style. The lamp body combines round and curved design, and the white and blue color scheme also has a good decorative effect. The lamp body of the lamp is made of manganese steel and the steel pipe is thick and durable. The tree sill design is convenient for hanging small items.

The Philips crystal table lamp has a built-in high-efficiency LED light source . The power of the whole lamp is only 6W, which has a good energy saving effect. The table lamp is designed with 2700K, 4000K and 6500K light colors. Users can adjust different light colors to adapt to different lighting environments to meet different lighting needs. The use of soft cover can also provide uniform illumination.

Edit Comment: Philips Crystal LED table lamp adopts high-efficiency anti-glare LED, which has good energy-saving effect. The tree-type design provides convenience for users, and the USB rechargeable interface is also very practical design. Jingjing LED desk lamp is priced at 659 yuan in Jingdong Mall, which is suitable for users of modern and fresh style.

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