Analyze the "LED soft substrate" technology and product comparison of different ways

In the development of the application side of the luminaire, the designer will always encounter a lot of technical problems on the node. At this time, there will always be struggles in the compromise and persistence. For example, “heat dissipation should give way to size” and “shape should be given Light", "Go straight to give way to turning"? The " LED soft substrate" technology described in this article is one of them, not necessarily revolutionary, but it is a technology that can solve problems.

The way LEDs are illuminated is different from traditional light sources such as incandescent lamps and metal halide lamps. The LED is a point of light, not the overall light of the structural member, and there are directional and regional limitations of the angle of illumination. To form the same light shape as a conventional light source, it can only be achieved by the addition of a lens or a light guiding device; or a three-dimensional distribution of a point-illuminated LED lamp bead.

Figure: Three-dimensional distribution of LED lamp beads to achieve full-circumferential light bulbs

The addition of optics adds cost. The three-dimensional distribution of the lamp beads is implemented through the original process, and how is it reliably connected? How to conduct heat? The question of how security is guaranteed.

The flexible substrate can solve this problem, and it is extended from the thin film circuit board technology. The back side of the substrate has a double-sided adhesive layer, and the copper foil is adhered to the metal base.

The flexible substrate is a non-mechanical structure connection, which utilizes the two-layer bridging connection of the glue layer to make full use of the flexibility of PI and rolled copper (currently, the thinnest copper foil process can achieve 0.5OZ, about 18um). The curved surface and the three-dimensional light-emitting surface are developed into a flat surface.

The problem of surface and three-dimensional implementation is solved, and the rest is to give full play to the designer's infinite creativity. Oye~

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