LED upstream business survival

2 Epitaxial chip link pattern changes
At present, the competition of LED upstream chip links has entered a stage of white-hot. In 2014, chip makers such as Jingyuan Optoelectronics and Sanan continued to make preparations for future development, resulting in changes in the pattern of epitaxial chip links, and the concentration of the industry was further improved. But whether it is horizontal integration or vertical integration, or overseas integration, win-win is an important measure, which is a huge test for the company's own capital, technology, talents, management, etc.
2 chip profit margins continue to compress
In the past 2014, the price of chips still fell, but the decline was not too big. From the perspective of suppliers, the magnitude and timing of price updates and price adjustments are also slowing down.
3MOCVD localization
China currently holds 970 MOCVDs, ranking first in the world, accounting for 34% of the world. Although there is a surplus in quantity, the MOCVD machine will continue to increase in the future due to the lower output value of the stand-alone machine. It is expected to reach 1,600 units in 2018, accounting for 50% of the world.
4 The upstream sector is constrained by downstream terminal applications
Under normal circumstances, whoever masters the core technology in the upstream sector can control the entire industry chain. At present, the domestic LED industry is just the opposite. The current situation of upstream LED chip companies in China is the lack of core technology, weak bargaining power of products, and fierce competition in the industry, which has caused upstream enterprises to be constrained by downstream application areas.
5 The upstream sector is constrained by downstream terminal applications
Under the pressure of price wars and performance wars in the next few years, domestic chip makers will integrate from more than 50 now, and mergers and acquisitions will be around 10. Among them, there are 2 to 5 large-scale enterprises, and 3 to 5 companies have made special achievements in the subdivision. Therefore, companies with economies of scale that can withstand the price war will survive.

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