CREE lawsuit has no effect, Dongbei Q2 revenue accounted for more than 50%

Dongbei benefited from strong orders from LED lighting customers. In the first quarter, LED lighting products accounted for more than TV backlights. Due to the high visibility of lighting orders, Dongbei estimates that the proportion of revenue in the second quarter will exceed 50%. .

Dongbei announced that its consolidated revenue in March reached 866 million yuan (equivalent to approximately RMB 173 million), a 39% increase from February and a 15% increase from the same month last year. The accumulated consolidated revenue for the first quarter reached 2.34 billion yuan (equivalent to RMB 467 million), a 22% increase over the same period last year.

Dongbei said that due to the continuous increase in the number of orders for lighting products, it has not been affected by overseas litigation interference. Since the beginning of spring, it has been full-capacity production, and it still lacks customer demand. In addition, shipments of high-end smart phone backlight products have also started to increase since March, so overall revenue has grown by 39% from the previous month. Accumulated first quarter consolidated revenues reached 2.34 billion, up 22% from the same period last year.

In the expansion of overseas markets such as Europe and the United States, in addition to actively developing its own patented technology, Dongbei has also developed innovative structures to break through the blockade of international major patents. As lighting performance continues to climb, shipments in March have followed. Into a positive growth cycle. As the visibility of lighting orders has exceeded expectations for nearly three months, Dongbei's first quarter lighting revenue has exceeded the TV backlight, and the proportion of lighting revenue in the second quarter will exceed 50%.

Dongbei pointed out that despite the commercial interference of the US LED manufacturer CREE at the beginning of this year, it was intended to block the shipment of Dongbei. However, under the enthusiasm of the market demand, the lighting performance continued to rise and was not affected by the litigation. Legal persons generally believe that in the past, international companies can easily profit from the litigation of Taiwanese factories, so as to consolidate the market share of their products. In fact, Dongbei’s products have no patent doubts, so customers do not place orders for Taiwan. Affected, the performance of the market is not bearish.

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