Home theater audio white FAQ summary

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] often sees some new tangle of newcomers who are ready to purchase and set up a home theater. Various questions, here are some common home theater audio related issues, I hope to help the entry users.

Home theater audio white FAQ summary

1. How do you choose the AV amplifier to treat the panoramic sound in 2015?

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Panoramic sound should be a major advancement in the audio field in recent years, including the concept that the next generation is still limited to the channel. It is nothing more than a step-by-step development from mono, stereo, etc., recording data is getting bigger and bigger. Panoramic sound is a record based on objects.

Of course, our information experience is to increase the variation of the four ceiling speakers. Of course, this understanding is not comprehensive and appropriate.

Therefore, I personally think that if it is a new power amplifier, try to consider the full range of AV amplifiers, support panoramic sound. In fact, I have always advocated that AV amplifiers are digital products. It is most convenient and appropriate to choose new products. In addition to panoramic sound, there are 4k and future HDCP2.2 support. Otherwise, it’s too late to cry when there is a problem. After all, most of us will not arrange limited financial resources for luxury consumption such as audio and video. There are also new products that are getting better and better for mobile and tablet intervention control.

As for the power amplifier level, I have been promoting entry-level mergers, such as the highest level of Japanese, but also the entry-level amplifier. The high-grade power amplifier can maximize the potential of the speaker and make the speaker work better. In addition to the decoding and synthesis functions, the amplifier's multi-channel amplification is equivalent to the car's engine. Today's AV amplifiers are not only cheap, but also a lot of people. It’s expensive to sell. Because the public thinks that audio and video is not worth the big investment.

Power amplifier, power is king!

The sound characteristics of each brand's amplifiers are different, but only the sound of the system can be fine-tuned. The most important thing is to rely on the choice of speakers to satisfy their own tastes.

If you are not interested in new technology, you want to have a multi-channel, then the old AV amplifier, second-hand is OK, but confirmed no problem!

2, the tangles of the speaker

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I often see what new people are asking, and that is good. This is completely a tangled lack of awareness of goods. Any brand that survives in the market has a certain consumer positioning. The speaker is characterized by sound. There are some differences in the sound styles of different brands of speakers, and the grades are also different. Select the speaker, the first is to select the sound, the equipment is selected according to the budget.

At present, the speakers that we can touch are domestic, American, British, Danish, German, and North American. The British and American departments are the two most prominent representatives. The British system is gentle and warm, and the beauty of the atmosphere is real. Virtue is actually real. North America is mainly Canada, such as the Barryen PSB, etc. It is actually close to the US Department but slightly different. The Danish styles such as Zumbo and Dani are between the United States and the United States. This difference has led to different people who like different branded speakers, and each brand has a wide variety of fans. Huiwei has to mention that its style is similar to that of the US Department. I remember that the designers of Huiwei are basically from the United States, but Huiwei needs good power amplifiers since the establishment of the unit. So many fans and players, since I can afford good amplifiers, I There is no need to play Huiwei.

Usually you will encounter both listening to music. This science is to choose the British or Danish speakers, and the German system is also reliable. But the American-style speakers are waiting for it, and it is also very good. It is more expensive. Please remember that any high-end goods, especially consumer goods, come from the United States. This is difficult to change at present because it concentrates on the most talented people in the world and excellent corporate culture. Human civilization has been concentrated by it. We saw demonstrations of Weston, West Lake, Martin, etc. on various occasions, JBL's bedside table speaker demo, I don't know how many people attracted. Apple phones are so popular in China, not our vulgar, but we are too lacking in such extreme goods.

There are still some people who are entangled in the domestic process of the old speaker brand. Since this is a social trend, no one can change it. In fact, it can also be regarded as a milestone in our social progress and the inevitable division of labor in the world. Tangle is also useless.

For the requirements of this is not high, the entry-level mix, some brand suits such as Yamaha, domestic Tianyi suit, Qu Quan, etc., can not be considered. In pursuit of fashion, Sony Pioneer and other columns can also be selected. Choosing a traditionally famous speaker brand is all about the correct pursuit of sound. But not everyone needs to do this.

Bose and B&O are brands that are often entangled by fashion people. This is not good or bad, but it will not be bad, but it is not a rational consumption. You understand my own words. Speaker, the diameter of the speaker is king!

Second-hand speakers, must pay attention to whether it is repair or life, in theory, the life of the horn is unlimited, but the humid air in the south may damage the cone, and the ring may be oxidized after a long time.

3, the entanglement of the wire

The speaker cable only needs to be entangled in the high-end system. Our popular home theater speaker cable does not have to be excessive. We choose qualified lines, and we can touch Huamin and Nagamei. The construction angle of 2.5 square mm should be considered appropriate. This takes into account the relatively long factor of embedding.

However, if the system needs analog signal lines, HDMI lines, and network lines, you need to choose some better. Network cables and HDMI should arrange spare lines as much as possible, and try to bury the wired network. The subwoofer line is preferably a microphone signal line. The power cord is not sloppy. If it is a new house, it will generally be safe. The old house should be dismantled.

4, the tangle of the speaker on the wall

It is not impossible to put the wall into the wall on the speaker. I am all 7 channels into the wall. Don't have to worry about it. The ceiling speaker, the panoramic sound speaker itself, needs to be heavenly. But surround speakers are not recommended. The height around the horn is, in a nutshell, higher than the ear when the emperor is sitting. How much is it? 50-75cm. Do not tangled with a little difference.

By the way, the placement of the speakers has a greater impact on the system sound of the room that cannot be changed, and placement on the wall is the most undesirable.

5, the power arrangement

The power cord is generally 2.5 square mm. If the adherent is 4 square mm, the key is that the switch in the home should be given force, and the wiring should be given force, that is, the construction should be professional.

At the equipment office, the more sockets, the better. For audio-visual enthusiasts, I feel that I don’t give much. Many people have seen my socket wall, which is not enough. The best electrical materials for the socket, if you can buy a US socket, it is even better.

Projectors, electric screens, subwoofers, electric curtains, etc. all need to consider movies. It is best to have a remote control for the light that the projector considers. The projector ceiling is not suitable for chandeliers.

6, the tangled signal source

The source currently has a disc player, player, computer, tablet, mobile phone, and so on. The best effect is the disc player, followed by the player, the computer is relatively ineffective and debugging is very troublesome. Every day, people ask the computer to do the problem with the player. The market is getting more and more low-end, so it is the player of the domestic manufacturer's position. Now only the Century Gray and Biwei are insisting on checking the characteristic product route to survive. The disc player is still occupied by Sony Pioneer Panasonic low-end products. In the market, OPPO occupies the mid to high-end market.

The player market may have major technology upgrades in the future, one is 4K support, one for network ports and single hard drive capacity support. I hope domestic manufacturers adhere to innovation and development. To meet the arrival of the era of broadband upgrades.

For video players, many disc players and players are easily supported, but pure music players, now foreign manufacturers such as Marantz have joined, and domestically, Century Gray is working hard. A pure music player is necessary for those who are obsessed with music appreciation.

7, the entanglement of family KTV

It is often understandable that many people ask for consideration or join KTV, but they do not support it. KTV's requirements for speakers are different from those of conventional home theaters and listening to music. If the control is not self-exciting, it is easy to damage the equipment. In this case, the influence on neighbors is also great. Individuals may feel that they are singing, and neighbors are noise. Unless you have fully acoustically treated acoustics, the cost is very large. For a few months at home KTV is really better to go to the karaoke, now there are many small towns on the street.

If you must add a KTV unit at home, it is recommended that the speakers be configured separately, so that the amplifiers need to be configured separately, otherwise there will be conflicts with the main system. Be sure to perform some acoustic sound insulation.

8, the addition of tablet phones

With the development of DLNA technology, especially airplay, it has become possible to transmit audio and video based on ip wireless or wired. In recent years, the new AV amplifier can connect to the Apple mobile phone or ipad wirelessly without adding accessories, so that the audio and video of the mobile phone tablet can be directly played. Music and video playback on mobile phones and tablets are limited in format. Perfect playback requires a professional player or disc player.

Apple tv is a very interesting gadget, wireless can push audio and video, video has more meaning. The software of the Qunhui family is very rich. For lovers, you can try a variety of audio and video entertainment.

9, intelligent control

If there are conditions, future intelligent control should be considered in wiring and power arrangement. Future intelligent control may be simpler than today, thanks to Apple and Google. Intelligent control can be considered in the lighting, curtains and curtains of the audio-visual room.

At present, the intelligent system provided by the custom installation company is expensive, and the budget can be considered. But the future of intelligence and the Internet of Things will certainly penetrate into our home theater system.

10. Acoustic treatment

Acoustic processing is roughly divided into room acoustics and acoustical acoustics. The two requirements are different. The acoustics of the room are less expensive. The sound insulation includes all the walls and floor ceilings, as well as the doors and windows and even the indoor pipes, and the hidden holes.

The purpose of the acoustic work team has been developed in recent years. In the past, it mainly relied on selling goods. I am afraid that many people are subject to the budget themselves. This requires a good homework. It is very unreliable to ask questions.

11, CD, BD and other content carriers

We discussed and purchased equipment to make room, the house is expensive, not to see equipment, but to listen to music and watch movies. Content, music and film, is the foundation of our pursuers.

We feel that most audio and video enthusiasts enjoy the audio and video system for comfort and sensory enjoyment. In fact, audio-visual consumption belongs to spiritual consumption. We should absorb the human civilization culture from these spiritual foods. In our traditional culture, there are also elements of great love and goodness. Only in modern times, because of the distortion of values, our society has expanded the elements of suffocation, but we see the common civilization of mankind through movies, and stop war and evil, especially terrorism. Necessity, mankind must unite to overcome natural disasters and man-made disasters. War cannot bring wealth to any country or clan. Good music can also calm us down, especially in this impetuous society. In fact, new and new humans also like to listen to songs with their mobile phones and tablets, but they have more elements to chase stars.

In addition, because of our lack of education, many people are not so active in supporting genuine or copyright. If they do not respect others, they will not be respected by others. Please try to support genuine. More home theater issues, welcome to add WeChat: cnhifi, experts free to answer your questions.

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