Design of IP video management and monitoring system for urban environment

With the development of urban politics, economy, culture and social progress, people have put forward new requirements for urban environmental sanitation, urban sewage treatment and other management. Therefore, the use of advanced science and technology to build a set of intelligent, network-based, digital, and safe integrated management systems to improve the efficiency of urban environmental protection management, effectively crack down on criminals, strengthen urban sewage management, and ensure the people ’s Life and property safety, improving people's living standards and urban safety, and improving people's satisfaction and city image are of great significance to urban environmental protection departments.

demand analysis

The application of urban environmental monitoring system is relatively special. It is mainly used to monitor the sewage discharge status of urban sewage outlets and related enterprises, as well as the evidence collection of sewage discharge video, in order to strengthen the urban sewage treatment and pollution enterprise remediation.

· The monitoring and recording evidence of the sewage situation requires high image quality and clarity, and millions of high-definition cameras are used to monitor the sewage situation in high definition and distinguish the subtle changes of the sewage;

· The front-end camera is required to realize remote network management, remote call, remote configuration, etc. based on universal TCP / IP network management, and the back-end system is convenient for deployment, control and maintenance;

· Considering the factors of remote transmission bandwidth cost and network transmission interruption leading to the loss of the center recording, local recording and free backup recording functions of the center should be designed. On the one hand, save upstream bandwidth, on the other hand, avoid recording loss due to network interruption;

· The county environmental protection bureau and the municipal environmental protection bureau require the formation of upper and lower management models. The county environmental protection bureau serves as the client of the municipal environmental protection bureau. All clients are authorized and certified by the Municipal Bureau Monitoring Center to achieve hierarchical and decentralized management. At the same time, the client of the Municipal Bureau has the priority to control and uniformly administer the authority of the county bureau to improve the management efficiency; It is convenient for the system to network with other public security business systems, to achieve resource sharing, to improve mutual cooperation between urban law enforcement departments, to improve comprehensive management capabilities and emergency response capabilities to quickly resolve emergencies.


Front-end design

1. Each monitoring sewage point adopts 1.3 million high-definition network infrared ball machine (installed with vertical pole and outdoor box) as the panoramic monitoring sewage outlet; adopts 2 million high-definition network gun machine (installed with vertical pole and outdoor box) as sewage Close-up monitoring of the mouth.

2. Deploy a small NVR product in front of each monitoring sewage point, equipped with two 2T enterprise hard drives, storage time is more than half a month (expandable), and important video evidence is backed up to the local disk of the municipal office for long-term storage.

3. The front end is used for lightning protection and grounding protection, and the network power two-in-one lightning protection device is used. The pole shall be grounded well, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms.

4. The above high-definition IP cameras and NVR are networked with the city bureau center through the IP network to achieve data storage management and remote video viewing.

Network design

1. The sewage monitoring point adopts optical fiber transceiver to converge to the county environmental protection bureau through optical fiber and connect to the county environmental protection bureau aggregation switch.

2. The aggregation switch of the county environmental protection bureau is connected to the core switch of the municipal bureau through the optical fiber of the environmental protection bureau through the optical interface to realize data exchange.

Backend design

1. Deploy a set of video management platform software and servers and a set of streaming media software and servers in the monitoring center of the municipal bureau to conduct real-time video browsing, video switching and watching, video decoding on-wall management, large-screen display, and all front-end monitoring of all enterprises. Video free backup storage (storage can be expanded) and other management.

2. Design a client in the county environmental protection bureau. After the client has been assigned and authenticated by the video management platform server of the municipal bureau monitoring center, the client will access the EPA ’s video surveillance system resources through the county environmental protection bureau switch, including front-end video, Video playback, PTZ control, camera configuration, etc.

3. Multiple clients can be designed in the municipal bureau. The client can access the resources of the video surveillance system of the environmental protection bureau through the core exchange of the municipal bureau or the intranet of the environmental protection bureau after the authority distribution and authentication of the video management platform server of the municipal bureau monitoring center. , Including front-end video, video playback, PTZ control, camera configuration, etc., the priority has priority over the county bureau.

4. The monitoring center designs cabinets, TV walls, consoles, platform servers, streaming media servers, power distribution systems, grounding systems, etc.

Functional design introduction

Video management platform features

The network video management platform software has powerful management capabilities, which can realize the centralized maintenance and management of user cameras, DVR / NVR products, central decoding and other video equipment, and realize the unified command and management of user security. The open SDK interface and interface protocol can support the access of any third-party system. Its core functions and application features include:

1. Image browsing function

· Client software can support 4 monitors, each monitor can support 16 screens, 4 screens can support up to 64 screens, support multi-screen split and round robin;

· Support the local enhancement function of the screen image to ensure that the image will get a better display effect in complex environments such as fog and rain;

· Support local zoom function, you can easily get a clear picture of the picture in the megapixel camera image;

Support personalized layout definition and set up patrol group, support manual or automatic switch between layouts or patrol group, convenient for users to browse in different ways.

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