HOLTEK launches HT66FB542 USB Full Speed ​​Flash MCU

21ic News Holtek USB Flash MCU has another new member, A/D Full Speed ​​USB 8-bit Flash MCU-HT66FB542, suitable for general USB computer peripherals and consumer products in the mouse, Gamepad, TV game peripherals, USB download type remote control, USB Key, etc.

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The HT66FB542 is as compatible with the USB 2.0 specification as the HT66FB5x0 and HT68FB5x0 series, and complies with the specifications (-40 ~ +85 °C). The working voltage is 2.2V~5.5V. The system frequency provides two modes of external crystal and built-in HIRC oscillator 12MHz. Other specifications include 4K x 16 ROM, 256 Byte RAM, 4 Full Speed ​​USB Endpoints, up to 17 bidirectional I/Os, 4 sets of Timer modules and PWM outputs, 2 sets of SPI, 1 set of I2C Slave, watchdog, low voltage Detection, 4-channel 12-bit high-precision A/D converter, 1 set of comparators, and built-in Regulator 3.3V output provide peripheral power applications. The HT66FB542 is available in a 24-pin SSOP package.

Holtek offers a new ISP online update firmware function, with the USB interface, I3000 Writer (Windows®-based) can easily complete the firmware update, and provide DLL for developers to develop. The ICP/ISP/IAP programming mode is available in all series. At the same time, the development system HT-IDE3000 (Windows®-based), including real-time simulation (In-Circuit-Emulator), perform tracking analysis and other functions, the full range of OCDS debugging interface, and provide a variety of application guides, suitable for faster needs And more efficient development programs and debuggers for product development.

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