Lynx Box M13 in-depth evaluation 64-bit new comprehensive comments

The annual "Double 11" pickpocket festival is coming. If you are busy for a year, do you want to take advantage of this big price and treat yourself? In order to welcome the arrival of "Double 11", Alibaba's Lynx Box also brought in a new box product - the Lynx Box M13. Compared to previous generations of products, Tmall Box M13 inherited the classic appearance of previous generations of products, the main control uses a new generation of 64-bit TV box processor - Crystal morning Amlogic S905, performance is remarkable. During the "Double 11" period, the pre-sale was started. The selling price of only ¥199 was also very cost-effective. Now Tmall Box M13 also came to our sofa evaluation room, let's take a look at the specific performance of Lynx Box M13.

List of parameters

Lynx Box M13 Parameter List

Lynx Box M13 equipped with crystal morning S905

The Lynx Box M13 has greatly improved its configuration compared to previous generations. This is also true from the list of parameters mentioned above. The Lynx Box M13 processor officially entered the 64-bit era due to the use of the Crystal Morning Amlogic S905 chip. Then let's take a look at this S905 chip from CrystalCrystal Amlogic: CrystalCrystal AmlogicS905 is one of the industry's first multimedia processors to adopt a 64-bit architecture, excellent audio and video processing capabilities to bring users immersive Cinematic home entertainment experience. The S905 supports carrier-class security mechanisms and is the perfect choice for applications such as OTT, IPTV and DVB smart set-top boxes, TV sticks and smart homes. Specific parameters:

1. 28nm process quad-core 64-bit ARM® CortexTM-A53, up to 2GHz; five-core ARM® MaliTM-450

2. Ultra HD 4K 60fps hardware decoding, support H.265 10 bit, H.264 and AVS+ formats, full HD 1080p 60fps hardware encoding, support for H.264

3. HDMI 2.0 and CVBS output, supports two channels of ITU 601/656 parallel port camera input, TS stream input interface

Appearance Appreciation

Lynx Box M13 Packing

Lynx Box M13 Family Portrait

Accessories include infrared remote control, battery No. 7, power adapter, HDMI 2.0 cable and user manual. The power adapter cancels the previous design of separate plugs and transmission lines and replaces the line base. Infrared remote controller layout 12 keys, after frosting, feel good. One of the M-keys quickly calls out "My Card", browses notifications, and launches quick applications and settings.

Lynx Box M13 Appearance

The Lynx Box M13 can be said to be a classic classic. In addition to the recent generations of products, the Lynx Box 2 has been changed to the appearance of a circular shuttle. Other generations have adopted this design: the body material of the polycarbonate has passed through it. Spray scrub treatment, feel comfortable. The top of the box is a red classic color, the front of the black is the head model of Tmall, the middle triangle is the power indicator, and the power is blue.

Lynx Box M13 bottom

There is a cushion on the bottom so that the anti-skid effect is guaranteed. In the middle is the model information for 3C authentication and TV box.

Lynx Box M13 Interface Design

Lynx Box M13's body measurements 99.8x99.8x24.2mm, in a large number of network set-top boxes in the fuselage is still very small. Although the body is small, but there are a lot of the interface: AV output interface, system reset button, HDMI interface, network interface, USB2.0 interface and power jack.

system interface

Lynx Box M13 System UI

The Lynx Box M13 is a product of Alibaba. Naturally, it is also owned by Alibaba's Aliyun YunOS system. The system version is 3.0.2 and the licensee is Hua Digital Media. Lynx Box M13 has a new floating desktop, the navigation bar is lined with icons and text, and the bottom is a poster display of the new hot resource.

Lynx Box M13 Video Resources

The Lynx Box M13 is equipped with Alibaba's home entertainment service platform. It is known as the super movie library built with over a hundred billion dollars. It has licensed content from six Hollywood studios including Sony Pictures and Paramount, including over a thousand global films, hundreds of exclusive content, and full-length movie coverage.

Lynx Box M13 Film and TV Record Checking

Full Memories screenshot

"2012" screenshot

"Dead Wars" screenshot

Since the Tmall Box M13 has so many video resource content, we may wish to conduct a sample check according to Baidu's hot search list to see how the movie resources of the Tmall Box M13 are collected and what screenshots of the online resources are taken. Judging from the sample survey, the video resources of the Tmall Box M13 have not kept pace with the filming and filming of the movie, and the collection of variety shows is not much.

Lynx Box M13 Security Manager

The Lynx Box M13 comes with a security manager to enter the security manager to perform deep cleaning, memory management and application management of the Lynx Box M13 system.

Lynx Box M13 settings interface

The Lynx Box M13 UI is highly unified, with text prompts and logic at a glance. The user can perform related operations such as network, resolution, and interface adjustment in the settings according to his own needs.

Features & Highlights

My card

There are many features of the Lynx Box M13. The first thing to say is the M button on the infrared remote controller that has just been mentioned above. The M button is used to enter the “My Card” interface with one click, which allows you to quickly manage system notification entries, external storage devices, and shortcut apps to improve operational efficiency.

Lynx Box M13 TV Taobao

Ali cloud system, one of the indispensable content is TV Taobao, of course, the Lynx box M13 is also true. Due to the "Double 11" picking festival, TV Taobao has changed its theme to "Double 11", which means that TV Taobao will continue to update its content based on current trends and festivals. Although the operation is not as fast as the PC client and the mobile client, it is almost always on TV Taobao.

Lynx Box M13 TBO Tmall Cinema

Lynx Box M13 TBO Tmall Cinema

The TBO (Tmall Box Office) Tmall Theater is an online video service launched by Alibaba in June of this year and was officially launched in September. Its contents are all charge items. TBO is now in the promotion discount period. See the screenshot above for the specific charge situation.

Lynx Box M13 Run Points

Lynx Box M13 video running points

Crystal morning Amlogic S905 chip 64-bit quad-core, based on the Cortex-A53 development, in the Tmall box M13 on the performance is good, security Bunny evaluation 5.7.1 version Run 28000+, security Bunny video evaluation 3.0 run points 904, belong to the former Several achievements, H.265 and 4K are nothing to say.

Third-party application installation

Lynx Box M13 File Manager

The Lynx Box M13 does not restrict users from installing third-party applications. Therefore, the user only needs to copy the third-party applications to be installed to the U disk, connect the USB interface of the Lynx Box M13, enter the file management, and find the just-installed apk installation file. Complete it.

Lynx Box M13 installs third party software

Install HDP live, TV cat, VST and other software will be able to see more rich programs.

Lynx Box M13 Review Summary

Unconsciously, the Tmall Box has gone from the M10 to the M13, and the Lynx Box M13 inherits the previous generations of designs in appearance, the classic red and black two-color molding, seamless connection; polycarbonate body material, matte processing, Feel comfortable.

The hardware configuration, 1GB of operating memory plus 8GB of high-speed flash memory, storage combination quite satisfactory. The crystal morning Amlogic S905 quad-core 64-bit chip will officially bring the Lynx box series into the 64-bit era. Highly configured chips also bring powerful decoding capabilities, and 904's security Bunny video scores are among the best.

Using Aliyun YunOS 3.0.2 system, a new generation of floating desktop, easy to operate.

With regard to film and television resources, the Huada Media licensee has access to ensure the quality of resources. In addition, there are also TBO Tmall cinema massive film and television blessings. However, the cat's box M13 has not yet reached the speed with which to record the latest hot resources.

Finally, the Lynx Box M13 will launch pre-sales during the "Double 11" period, and the selling price of ¥199 is also very cost-effective. Sand powder like this TV box may wish to continue to look at.

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