Apple car team rushing talents or opening a new era of cars

Technology giants are not only chasing after you in technology research and development, but also in the reserve of high-tech talents. Watching Google and Tesla in the car unmanned, electric cars are in full swing, in fact, Apple can not stand it, Apple is not a car, it is a cliché, and according to its latest personnel trends, this matter It may be really a play.

In particular, a few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook had personally said that "the automotive industry will usher in a huge change", seems to imply that their car industry will be very strong, but now we can only wait. Earlier, it was reported that Apple is developing an electric car. The car will officially go on the road in 2019, and Cook declined to comment. He said that in the short term, Apple will introduce the "iPhone experience" into the car through CarPlay. Using this system on the dashboard, users can access the iTunes music collection or navigate without touching the phone. In fact, Apple's entry into the automotive industry has been a long-term plan, and there are traces to follow. There are signs that Apple Car is coming.

First, Apple and Tesla dig each other's corners. Earlier this year, the human resources website "Leading" reported that Tesla had dug up 150 people from Apple to Tesla. These people belong to the same development team, Tesla has connected the user interface team. Although Apple has not made a bad noise, the management's dissatisfaction is evident. So on February 6th, according to Bloomberg, it may be because Tesla constantly digs up Apple engineers to anger Apple. Apple now attracts Tesla employees through a $250,000 bonus and a 60% salary increase. . We don’t know when things are getting out of control. The two sides have already reached the point of undisguised. This undoubtedly exposed to the public what the two technology giants are planning.

Tesla loves to hire Apple's employees and executives. This is no secret. Apple doesn't know if he should be honored or angry. In 2013, Tesla hired Doug Field, vice president of hardware engineering for Apple Mac, and was responsible for automotive engineering at Tesla. This proves that there is no real technical barrier between electronic technology and automotive engineering. Tesla has also recruited many employees in the Apple user interface, software engineering, retail and hardware engineering departments.

In response, Apple dug up Tesla's recruiting officials last year and began planning their own electric car project “Titan”. It is said that the “Titan” team has reached the scale of thousands of people and approached the Tesla 1800-person car. The size of the R&D team. Digging the other person to dig people, Apple took the lead in upgrading the talent battle. As a "reward" Tesla hired Cindy Nikola, head of human resources at Apple. After joining Tesla, Nikola began her role as Vice President of Global Recruitment, which is equivalent to that at Apple. Not only that, but Nikla later updated the LinkedIn materials to show the story.

Musk claimed that Tesla digs from the apple five times as much as the other side. It stands to reason that Apple has more reason to express anger, which is actually not the case. This reflects Musk’s sense of security for his company and is being broken by Apple’s car project.

When technology giants are fully committed to defining future personal transportation, the high wages and a more stable future will lead to a large outflow of talent from start-ups. In addition to excavating auto industry experts with technology giants, promising start-ups can't escape the fate of being chased.

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