Cross-border cooperation, normal innovation, and efficiency are the goals

Cross-border cooperation has become the norm. Innovation and efficiency are the goals.

Industrial Internet is having a profound impact on the global economy. At the recent summit on Internet and Industrial Integration Innovation, companies from GE, SAP, Huawei, and XCMG used well-established cases to demonstrate to the public the changes brought about by the current industrial Internet to the entire industry.

In an automated production line that assembles cars, robots are tirelessly busy. At the same time, the robot's "health" data was also collected in real-time on SAP's cloud computing platform. “By analyzing the health data of robots, we can keep abreast of his health status and turn passive maintenance services into active maintenance services. The specific flow is from the collection of data to the analysis of data to predictable actions to find the existence of Problems, find replacement parts, find suitable maintenance workers to avoid problems in advance.” Li Ruicheng, senior vice president of SAP, Germany, said, “This is an end-to-end predictable maintenance based on Industry 4.0.”

Cross-border cooperation has become the norm

Internet technology and industrial integration innovation require a higher degree of collaboration in the industry.

At present, the integration of Internet technology and industry will create new businesses, new formats, and new models. "When the industry faces the integration of industry and the Internet, and faces the enormous challenge and opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, only cross-border can truly achieve integrated innovation, and integrated innovation requires a higher degree of collaboration in the industry." Cao Shumin, President, China Academy of Information and Communications Research Say.

SAP's case of predicting and maintaining robots on the production line through big data analysis is a result of the cooperation between SAP and the Shenyang Institute of Automation. The cause of the cooperation between the two companies is that the Shenyang Institute of Automation hopes to master each and every one of them sold worldwide. The health status of the robots is such that they can provide timely maintenance services and avoid lower production efficiency.

The reporter noted that current cross-border cooperation abounds in the industrial sector. In the traditional engineering machinery manufacturing company XCMG Group, the road of integration of internet and industry has also achieved very good results. XCMG strengthens enterprise management through information technology, promotes collaborative development with electronic workflow-driven business, and carries out management innovation and transformation in the aspects of engineering machinery product R&D, manufacturing, marketing network, customer service, operation management, etc., and continues to create an enterprise information environment. The various new capabilities have maintained a full range of leading advantages.

Fu Simin, assistant director of Xugong Group's information management department, said that the reflection of Internet+construction machinery in Xugong has benefited from smart manufacturing and intelligent cloud service platform. Through intelligent cloud service platform to achieve the entire end-to-end docking, from the beginning of R & D design allows users to directly participate in, and ultimately achieve the scale of the equipment, personalized customization. These devices include two types: construction machinery equipment and operation and maintenance equipment configured for construction machinery. In addition, global intelligence and networking are realized through the Internet of Things and intelligent cloud services. Now XCMG has established a very complete dealer system in 169 countries around the world, as well as a service provider's preparatory network architecture.

Industrial Internet has three major driving factors, one is the integration of the physical world and the data world. The second is the promotion of advanced manufacturing. The third is the reorganization of the world's industries under the promotion of advanced manufacturing and the Internet. Yang Tao, general manager of GE Greater China, said that the industrial Internet is to connect people, data, and machines, through massive data analysis, to find the direction of improvement, improve the entire work efficiency and increase operating costs, improve the company's core competitiveness. In this situation, cross-border cooperation will become the norm.

Innovation and efficiency are the goals

The most important thing in the industrial Internet is the value economy, which aims to increase the added value of the companies being served.

“The purpose of the Industrial Internet is to respond to the society’s demand for ultra-high efficiency of industrial equipment and assets, provide performance prediction and asset optimization through data interconnection and data exchange between intelligent machines, and create new service and innovation models at the same time. Savings and 1% increase will bring huge profits. The current situation of the Industrial Internet in China is already ready to go,” said Yang Tao.

At present, China has improved its sustainable development to the point of a national strategy. At the same time, it has laid a good foundation for the industrial Internet in the process of infrastructure construction, the Internet, and industrialization. The industrial Internet has three major elements. One is smart sensors and distributed computing smart machines. The second is advanced analytics based on cloud computing and big data analysis. The third is the wise man. These countries are now ready to become the basis for the Industrial Internet to gain momentum in China.

At present, the Industrial Internet has been deeply integrated in China and various industries. First of all, the Industrial Internet is focused on asset optimization and operational optimization. Both of these are precisely the major problems faced by most of China's current industrial manufacturing companies, namely solving the problem of overcapacity and underutilization of assets. Second, from extensive production to lean management, in the entire manufacturing process, people, products, materials, and production line equipment are closely coordinated and interact with each other to achieve process optimization and production process through human-machine interaction and machine-machine interaction. Visualization, real-time decision-making based on analysis of big data, can help people in production to make decisions more efficiently and quickly. Work efficiency is higher and output value is greater. Thirdly, the combination of industry and the Internet industry will bring about the transformation of the entire industry. Currently, no matter the energy, household appliances, aviation, and oil and gas industries in the industrial sector need a new market structure, enterprises need a new perspective from the ecological chain. Angles make layout decisions.

Industrial Internet is not only concerned with manufacturing, it is a whole ecological chain, from product design, manufacturing and processing, production lines, logistics to sales markets to services, is a closed-loop process, providing companies with a global operational and innovative framework, out of the traditional Technology or local innovation, joining the overall innovation of services and business models. Therefore, the landing of the Industrial Internet in the industrial field not only increases the profitability of enterprises, but also enhances their competitive advantages. It also assumes the mission of environmental safety and emission reduction.

“Industrial Internet is not only a traffic economy, but more importantly a value economy. It is aimed at increasing the added value of serviced enterprises.” Gao Xinmin, member of the National Informatization Experts Advisory Committee, said: “The convergence of the Internet and industry has also promoted the Internet. To upgrade, the structure of the industrial Internet needs to be repositioned, and the network layer connection needs to be more reliable, faster, and safer, with low latency, multiple concurrency, high-precision, large-capacity, controllability, and security.In addition, new issues brought by the new format It will also form an impact on the original format, market competition rules and regulations should be reformed in a timely manner, and it is necessary to achieve a dynamic balance between integrated innovation and regulatory innovation in the process of forming a new industrial form.”

APPDU â… (without intelligent management)

APPDU1020-6 / APPDU1028-6. it is the first generation of APPDU products. The product is assembled according to the 19-inch 1U cabinet, adopts integrated modular power supply and management mode, is carefully designed and manufactured, has 1000M non-managed 16 / 24 port POE Switch function, and four optoelectronic cascaded communication ports. The total power of DC power supply is 450 W, the 5 / 6 bit PDU strong power board function, the total power 4 000 W, does not have the intelligent management and the environment monitoring function.





  • Input: AC100 220V 50/60Hz
  • Total power: 4000W
  • Function: with the function of 1000M management 16 / 24 port POE switch. 
  • Environmental monitoring: two temperature and humidity monitoring ports, one smoke sensing port, one device cascade port ,
  • PDU function: comes with 5 / 6 bit smart PDU strong power plug board
  • System: with background control system



Application :


Steady intelligent power supply management needs to monitor the electric equipment in real time, including the reading and analysis of the current, voltage and so on, so that the power supply can be turned off, the power can be restarted, the remote operation can be carried out, and the scientific management of electricity consumption can be realized. Realizing comprehensive energy saving. It Widely used in banks, offices, buildings, office buildings, garden communities, squares, factories, prisons, road traffic, gas stations, ships and other machine room heavy, power failure self-lock, can be embedded in the back-end security system



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APPDU â… (without Intelligent Management)

Intelligent Management System(Appdu),Appduâ… (Without Intelligent Management)

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