Massive resources struck! Product wins and video cloud evaluation

The video box has been ups and downs in recent years, but the recent box has become hot again. Various big names are rushing to launch box products, which is bound to re-emerge the living room of the public users once again! As a domestic focus on research and development of various types of high-quality notebooks The product wins of mobile phones and digital peripheral accessories are early prophets and took the lead in coming up with their own first box product, the video cloud box. It is a multi-function TV box with genuine authorization of GITV and supports local playback.

Pinsong·Video Cloud Box brings together a large number of movies, TV series, hot spots, push and cloud functions, which makes it very attractive! This video cloud box also makes product wins more abundant with cloud-enabled products, use each other This will enable the product to perform more powerful functions. Here we come together to understand this product wins · video cloud it!

Appearance overview

The packaging of the product wins video cloud box CVB maintains the packaging style of its own products, wrapped in a transparent plastic soft shell, allowing consumers to see the main body of the product at a glance, attractive.

The specific model of the product win/video cloud box is the WVB001N. Each package is equipped with a remote controller, a button battery, a power adapter and a user manual. You can receive a free HDMI HD cable for free when you place a check when placing an order.

Has a simple appearance, smooth surface and rounded corners, whole body black polished shell coupled with the central product win logo, even more unique and elegant. The box's measurements are only, weighing only 230g, less than the size of the palm, naturally can easily integrate into a variety of home style display.

Pinsheng video cloud box front side
The front of the fuselage has a power supply and infrared receiver light.

Pinsheng video cloud box right side
The right side has a Tf card slot and a USB2.0 interface.

Pinsheng video cloud back side
Rear side DC 5V / 2A input + interface, HDMI high-definition output interface, 10/100M adaptive LAN interface and 3.5mm composite audio and video output interface.

Pinsheng video cloud bottom
There is a non-slip rubber cushion at the bottom of the box, so that the box is placed on the table is very smooth and will not easily move. In the middle is the video cloud box model, parameters, and 3C certification. In addition, the bottom also has a 360-degree stereo surround cooling vent design, inside and outside the air exchange, to prevent internal high temperature, all-round health care box.

System UI Overview

Product wins and video cloud boxes use Android 4.2.2 system, the system UI interface also maintains a simple style, as far as possible so that all users can easily operate. First of all, let's take a look at the main interface of the product win video cloud box. The first one is “Love Watch”, “Recommended”, “Channel”, “Application”, “My” and “Setting”.

Love to watch pages is mainly leisure videos, entertainment broadcasts, music charts, sports headlines, wonderful flowers, healthy health, crosstalk, aerobic fitness, food world, fun songs and childlike pets, different types of video programs for different ages The friends in the segment watched it very closely. Users can use this main page to watch videos freely during their free time.

The information on the referral page is more liberal. There are not only videos, but also a variety of popular TV shows, variety shows, and movie recommendations. There are also “my videos” where users can view the videos they have watched.

The main page of the channel is a more specific and targeted classification. There are a large number of TV dramas, movies, animation, variety shows, children's entertainment programs, and everything! In addition to the types of programs that popular users will watch regularly, there are programs such as subdivided music, colleges, sports, education, documentaries, and so on. Massive programs definitely delight users!

The fourth main page is the application APP, just like a mobile phone and a tablet. This is where the local APP is gathered. There are app stores, media centers, and game centers in the left column. The right side is the own APP and user installed applications.

The "My" home page records user's play records, favorite videos, and cache files, and has network tests. It also provides playback settings and background settings to make the box's interface more personalized.

The setup interface is where the box's main parameters are set, including network, audio, and display settings. There are also system upgrade buttons that allow the video cloud box to stay up-to-date and timeless.

Remote analysis

The Pinsun Video Cloud Box is equipped with an easy-to-use remote control that makes it easy for new users to operate the video cloud box.

The design of the remote control is simple and easy to understand. The function of the remote control is known simply by looking at the icon on the remote control. The functions of the keys are shown in the above figure.

In addition to using the remote control to operate the video cloud box, the user can also access the mouse and keyboard for input operation. However, in the previous appearance overview, the video cloud box only provides one USB 2.0 interface, so it is generally possible to access the mouse for operation. Or use the wireless mouse and keyboard set, you can use the mouse and keyboard to input. In addition, the product wins video cloud box can also be connected with the smart phone, the phone as a remote control, and then take a look at how the phone remote control video cloud box.

In the app page, find the phone remote

Open the mobile phone remote control, the QR code of the download remote control app appears

In the application page, find the remote control of the mobile phone, open the remote control of the mobile phone, and download the two-dimensional code of the remote control APP.

Install the video cloud box remote control APP and connect it. Although the APP does not describe how the mobile phone connects to the video cloud box, the open APP can connect automatically. However, it is obvious that only the smartphone and the video cloud box can automatically search and connect in the same local area network.

The left picture is the Pinsheng video cloud remote control APP interface; the right picture is the mobile phone analog remote control interface

The left figure shows the mouse mode of the touchpad; the right figure shows the touch mode of the touchpad.

Product wins and video cloud remote control APP interface is also very simple design, can simulate the remote control and touchpad, which touchpad is also divided into mouse mode and touch mode, full-featured. In addition to using mobile phone remote control, this app can also share mobile phone photos, videos and music.

Function introduction and experience

Product wins video cloud box CVB mainly has six properties

1. High-definition playback, gathering a large number of movies, popular TV dramas, entertainment, early childhood education and so on.

2. Video, music, pictures and other files on mobile phones and tablets can be screen-casted to the big screen of TV, and can be easily shared with family and friends.

3, mobile phone remote control, easy to control, direct sharing easier.

4, support for online software upgrades.

5, wired, WiFi network access, AP network sharing, hybrid encryption to ensure maximum network security.

6. It can read the storage contents of the Wi-Fi products (such as cloud disk easy charge, cloud seat easy charge, etc.) in the same LAN.

From the aspect of function introduction, the product wins and video cloud boxes have further development based on the previous box. Next, we will experience the main features of this video cloud box together.

(Online video)

Online video playback is very smooth, with only 2 megabits of network speed can also play smoothly.

(movie playback)

The movie resources of the Pinsheng video cloud box are quite rich. Not only are there 720P HD movies, but also a lot of 1080P full HD movie resources. Here, we have tried to see 1080P's "Taking Tiger Mountain" which is very clear and smooth.

(TV play)

TV drama sources are also quite rich, and there are almost all the hot TV shows!

(game experience)

Product wins and video cloud boxes are also very good in terms of game entertainment. In the game center, you can find a variety of beautifully-pictured games, and there are game options for matching remote control!

A game that matches the remote control

Evaluation summary:

As a popular box product nowadays, the playback capability needs to be strong enough, and the online video and film and television drama sources must be sufficiently large. Products that generally satisfy such conditions will surely attract the attention of users. Product wins video cloud box not only can be affirmed in the playback capabilities and film sources, and there are hot features, push functions and TF card expansion capabilities, etc., in the application of more abundant performance. In addition, the unique on-site installation service of the product wins consumers' confidence that the price is already the most affordable one in the market, and it is entirely suitable for public users. If you are interested, please visit the official website to purchase it!

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