Energy-saving freezer popular in May 1 Haier share over 60% and then win

The May Day holiday has always been the best node for home appliance sales, and this year is no exception. Haier Freezer, which has just obtained the authoritative certification of American UL Company, is the most popular in the home appliance market with its leading position in energy-saving technology. It ranks first in sales with a share of 62.96% and becomes the mainstream product in the holiday market.

The most energy-efficient freezer to meet consumer demand, the market is sought after

When the reporter visited the appliance store, the person in charge of the store said that Haier's ultra-energy-saving freezer is the most energy-efficient in the freezer products, so it is most favored by consumers. "Like a refrigerator like this, the volume is 101L, and the daily power consumption is only 0.33 degrees, which is more energy-efficient than other refrigerators with similar volume segments." The person in charge pointed to Haier's ultra-energy-saving refrigerator and told reporters.

Haier freezer related technology research and development personnel said that Haier freezer always insists on research and development of products that meet the needs of users, and constantly innovates energy-saving technologies. At present, Haier freezer application industry's first "3D reverse cycle quick cooling" technology directly reduces the energy consumption of the freezer. 10%. It is precisely because the products meet the consumer demand, Haier freezer sales are always leading, according to the latest statistics of Zhongyi Kang, as of now, Haier freezer continues to occupy the industry champion with a unique advantage. In the ranking of the best-selling models, Haier has the top ten freezer.

The world's first industry leader in UL safety certification

Haier Freezer has not only achieved good sales in the domestic market, but also achieved excellent results in the international market and obtained a number of international authoritative certifications. Recently, Haier Freezer launched the application of new environmentally friendly refrigerants, all of which passed the US market access verification, and obtained the No. 001 “UL North American Safety Certification” issued by the international authoritative certification body American UL Company, which indicates that Haier Freezer has become the world's first Enterprises that pass the US market access requirements with all the test results that meet the standards.

The reporter learned that Haier Refrigerator has obtained UL certification, benefiting from the leading strength of Haier freezer products in terms of safety and reliability. Previously, Haier Freezer was also the first United Nations Environment Development Agency's fluorine-free certification and European Class A energy. The standard freezer brand. The achievement of these achievements means that with the world's leading technology level, Haier freezer has occupied the commanding heights of the global industry.

In fact, with innovative technologies and products, Haier Freezer has been favored by dealers and buyers at home and abroad. It is reported that the 7-day non-freezing freezer insulation effect exhibited by Haier Freezer at the Canton Fair has set a world record and has been recognized by exhibitors from all over the world.

According to industry experts, Haier Freezer has been recognized by users around the world by continuously introducing innovative products that meet the needs of consumers. According to data released by Euromonitor International, Haier's retail sales accounted for 16.7% of the global market in 2011, ranking first in the world for the first time, more than twice as long as the second place; according to the manufacturer's ranking, Haier Freezer 2011 manufacturer retail The volume accounts for 16.8% of the global market and ranks first in the world.

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