Philips will create LED lighting solutions for the Empire State Building in New York

The Empire State Building in New York announced that it has partnered with Philips to retrofit the building's traditional lighting system with LED lighting solutions. The two sides have jointly developed a dynamic LED lighting system that is tailor-made for the Empire State Building and uses the latest technology. The total investment of the entire renovation project is 550 million US dollars.

The system is able to transform the facade and top lighting effects of the entire building in real time. In addition to better handling and ease of management, the system also achieves optimal lighting and highlights the architectural details of the Empire State Building.

Philips Color Kinetics' LED lighting technology also controls and highlights light sources and illumination. Light effects such as chopping, cross-lighting, and glare that were previously impossible to achieve are now easily achieved through unique lighting designs. The new Philips lighting system also minimizes scattered light, ensuring that the light is focused on the facade and top of the building while providing sufficient illumination to be visible anywhere in New York. This design not only takes into account the avoidance of light pollution in the night sky, but also achieves a harmonious blend of landscapes around the building.

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